My name is Maciej and I’m glad that you visited my web page. Let me introduce myself.

I have been working in the space industry development in Poland for the last 9 years. But my space history starts much earlier. When I was 5 years old my dream was to send “something” to space… something like satellites. As every kid at that time, I wanted to become an astronaut.  Later, I started my space career at the Warsaw University of Technology, where my dreams could be transferred into real enterprises – and the best place for that was Student Space Association where I got involved in a number of student space projects. But not only as an engineer, more often as a manager and a systems engineer. Actually, my activity was much wider and covered areas such as PR and business development. I enjoy cooperating with people involved in the space industry. I am also an alumnus of the Space Studies Program at the International Space University, which made me even more “geeky” about space. I am a former project manager and mechanical engineer of the very first Polish satellite – the PW-Sat which was launched on-board the Vega maiden flight from the space port in French Guiana  on the 13th of February 2012.

You can contact with me by:

  • e-mail: maciejurbanowicz(at)
  • e-mail: maciej.urbanowicz(at)
  • Skype: M_Urbanowicz
  • phone: +48 609111817

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Maciej Urbanowicz

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