It happened – a raised a company and I’m extremely busy again

As you could notice, I started my own business. It’s on services for companies. I help them to build-up or enter to space business and support them in mechanical and systems engineering.

I spend most of my time in Torun city (about 3 hrs by car from Warsaw). Furthermore, I started cooperation with a customer from southern Poland. It’s amazing, that since the very first day of existence of my company I started working in a full-time.

There other things I’m working on. I’m waiting for decisions from the European Space Agency, and other customers in Poland.

There is one more thing. Myself and my friends decided to attend the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016 in Poland. We’ve created a concept of the app (Lungs Watcher) and we won the competition! We’re waiting for decision from NASA whether we go or not to the final challenge at NASA. For more information about our project please visit a weib site and watch the promo video.

Stay tuned for more news.

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