End work for the SSBV Polska and some hints what to do in 2016

It happened. After more than 2 years my contract is over. The company will be liquidated. It’s pity that my efforts were not sufficient to sustain the company, but due to some external/internal difficulties and circumstances we ended in relatively good state. I was serving as an operations manager and I’m still a proxy holder (until the last payment and docs clearance). I managed nice contract for the company and I was representing the company in Poland and wide world. One of the biggest thing done was the Docking Impender project (see Project page).

What’s next? I’m waiting for the final payment which is delayed, but I cross fingers to get it within two weeks. I’m doing small task for one company (feasibility study) and waiting for some decisions from the European Space Agency (I’m a coauthor of two proposals which were submitted to ESA last year). These decisions are driving factors which imply on my decisions regarding my next job place. Some good offer already arrived to me from one company, but first I need to rest a lot. As soon as I get payment, I’m planning to go far far away for long holidays (perhaps 3-4 weeks). You may ask “where?”. I’m looking at a trip to Thailadn-Cambodia/Laos-Vietnam. And what’s most important – that’d be a one-man backpack trip. Kinda cool to me.

Some people make statements and goals list for upcoming year. I didn’t. I have a long list of dreams to make them real, so I’d like to make them real step-by-step or dream-by-dream. Stay in touch and I’ll keep you posted.




I’m having more time now. I haven’t had that for years…

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