It happened – a raised a company and I’m extremely busy again

As you could notice, I started my own business. It’s on services for companies. I help them to build-up or enter to space business and support them in mechanical and systems engineering. I spend most of my time in Torun city (about 3 hrs by car from Warsaw). Furthermore, I … Continue reading

End work for the SSBV Polska and some hints what to do in 2016


It happened. After more than 2 years my contract is over. The company will be liquidated. It’s pity that my efforts were not sufficient to sustain the company, but due to some external/internal difficulties and circumstances we ended in relatively good state. I was serving as an operations manager and … Continue reading

Web page update

Hi All,

I updated some settings of the web page due to maintenance operations I’ve done. Coming to the end of the year I’m getting more free time in evenings. I hope I’ll be able to post some photos soon. Thousands of photos I’ve taken are waiting for publishing.

Stay tuned!